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“You have such a delightful manner. I enjoyed your authenticity and humour, whilst your credibility and expertise clearly underpinned it. This is a lovely course with good insights into day to day anxiety management. I took a few ideas from it for times I’m feeling anxious and have found some benefit. Thank you Carmen!”


“Thank you! I just completed the course. I’m encouraged that these specific tool will be very helpful in managing my anxiety. 🙏😊”


“Very informative. She explained anxiety very well n how to control it.”


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    You are in 😉!

    • You are in 😀!

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    Day 1

    • Lesson 1. Breathing is Living Fully

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    Day 2

    • Lesson 2. Living in the Present

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    Day 3

    • Lesson 3. Time to Sleep!

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    Your opinion is important.

    • Your opinion is important.

What to expect from this course.

This course will help you start a healthy routine and give your body space to return to its natural balance. I am confident that in the end you will have good tools to follow your path of emotional health.
Although I am a licensed clinical psychologist and I have put all my enthusiasm and knowledge in this course, know that this material is not a substitute for personalized recommendations from your psychologist and/ or psychiatrist.